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Higher education in Malaysia is top notch and affordable

Higher education in Malaysia is top notch and affordable

Malaysia is a prosperous country in Asia and offers students the opportunity to earn a world-class degree at a low cost. Here are some reasons why you should consider applying for a Malaysia Student Visa:

  1. No IELTS score required: Unlike other countries, Malaysian universities do not require students to submit an IELTS score. The university authorities are proficient in the language and visa renewal is subject to passing the Malaysian University English Test (MUET).
  2. No Bank Statement required: Malaysia does not require students to show any proof of funds to obtain a student visa. This is not the case for countries such as Europe, Canada, America, and Australia.
  3. No Visa Interview: Students who apply for a Malaysian student visa do not need to attend an interview at the embassy. This can be a relief for many students who have faced difficulties getting a visa in the past.
  4. Part-time job opportunities: Students can find legitimate part-time job opportunities in Malaysia, with a minimum wage of RM10 per hour.
  5. Study Gap Acceptable: Students with a gap between their studies can still apply for a Malaysian student visa.
  6. Diploma Admission after SSC Examination: Students who have completed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) can apply for admission to a diploma program in Malaysia.
  7. Low Tuition Fees: Malaysian universities offer students the opportunity to earn a higher degree in an international environment at a lower tuition fee than many universities in Bangladesh.
  8. Credit Transfer: Students can travel to Europe, America, Canada, and Australia by transferring credits earned in Malaysia to universities in these countries.
  9. Opportunity to study subjects of choice: Malaysia offers a wide range of courses and subjects for students to choose from.
  10. Dependent Visas: Spouses, husbands, children, fathers, and mothers can be brought to Malaysia on dependent visas for Masters’s and Ph.D. programs. A dependent visa allows the husband to work legally without a work permit visa.

If you are interested in pursuing higher education in Malaysia, visit our website for more details. You can also contact us via the Hotline at +8801736115305, Mobile at +60 17-228 9099, or E-mail at Our team of experts will be happy to assist you in applying for a Malaysian student visa and answer any questions you may have.

Are you looking for an exceptional higher education experience in an international setting? Look no further than Malaysia! With a range of programs available at all levels of study, Malaysia offers an ideal destination for students seeking to enhance their educational and professional prospects.

One of the primary advantages of studying in Malaysia is the availability of scholarships, with up to 30% to 70% of scholarship benefits available to deserving students. Additionally, admission can be secured within 24 hours, and visas issued in just 45 days. Furthermore, studying in Malaysia is more affordable than in many other countries, including Bangladesh.

In addition to academic benefits, students can benefit from part-time job opportunities, with guaranteed earnings of between 35-45 thousand taka. Malaysian universities also offer the option of applying for admission with or without an IELTS score, and there is no need for a bank sponsor or guarantee. Gap years are also acceptable, and credit transfers to countries such as Canada, America, and Europe are possible.

Malaysia offers a broad range of courses and programs, including foundation, Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. By studying in Malaysia, students can fulfill their dreams of higher education and ensure their future career success while becoming financially independent.

At our university, we do not charge any service fees until the visa has been handed over. Instead, all payments are made directly to the university through payment banks. For more information about our programs and services, please contact our hotline at +8801736115305, mobile at +601137957340, or WhatsApp at +601137957340.

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