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City University Malaysia

Overview of Study at City University Malaysia

In Selangor, Malaysia, City University Malaysia is a notable private institution. The institution, founded in 1984, provides several programs in the fields of arts, science, technology, business, and many more. Following a 2009 Sino-Malaysian bilateral agreement, the Chinese Ministry of Education recognizes City University’s degrees.

Programs Offered by City University Malaysia

City University Malaysia offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the arts, sciences, technology, and business. Some of the popular programs include the Bachelor of Business Management, the Bachelor of Health Sciences, the Bachelor of Information Technology, the Bachelor of Creative Industries, the Bachelor of Engineering, and the Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism. The university also offers a foundation program for students who need to improve their academic skills before pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Student life at City University Malaysia

City University Malaysia has a busy campus life for its students. There are a lot of clubs and societies for people with different interests.Throughout the year, the university also puts on events and activities like sports tournaments, cultural festivals, and career fairs.On the Petaling Jaya campus, the student housing is a comfortable and safe place for students to live and study.

Faculty Members at City University Malaysia

The faculty at City University Malaysia is made up of people who are experts in their fields and have a lot of experience.The teachers are committed to giving their students a good education and useful skills, and they give each student individual attention to make sure they do well in school.

Research and Innovation at City University Malaysia

City University Malaysia is committed to research and innovation and has established several research centers and institutes that focus on various areas such as mechanical engineering, information Information Technology, business, and civil and structural engineering. The university encourages its students and faculty members to engage in research and innovation activities and provides them with the necessary resources and support.

    Undergraduate Degree

    A Bachelor’s degree is a full-time four-year undergraduate program at the University of Malaya.

    Associate Degree

    Like a diploma awarded by community colleges in the United States, it is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. It takes two years to earn an associate’s degree at the University Malaya

    Graduate Degree

    The majority of MA or MBA degrees offered in the University Malaya last for two years. As a result, the University Malaya is an excellent choice for those seeking postgraduate programs.

    Doctorate Degree

    A doctorate is also a type of graduate degree, which may take five to eight years to complete.

    Education System in City University of Malaysia

    The way City University Malaysia teaches is meant to get students ready for the challenges of the modern workplace. The university employs experienced and qualified faculty members who use a range of teaching methods, such as lectures, seminars, tutorials, and practical sessions, to ensure that students receive a comprehensive education.

    City University Malaysia puts a lot of focus on giving students real-world experience in their chosen field through internships, work placements, and other opportunities for experiential learning.The university has formed partnerships with a range of local and international companies and organizations to provide students with hands-on experience in their chosen fields.


    City University Malaysia is a well-known private school in Malaysia that gives its students a good education and real-world experience.The university offers various programs in business, engineering, computing, and hospitality and has a diverse community of students and experienced faculty members. CityU’s commitment to research and innovation and its modern facilities and resources make it a top choice for students who want to pursue higher education in Malaysia.

    City University Malaysia is a private university that was established in 1984. It is located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

    City University Malaysia has a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in fields like business, IT, engineering, hospitality and tourism, education, and more.

    City University Malaysia offers scholarships and financial aid to eligible students. The university has several scholarship programs based on academic merit, financial need, and other criteria.

    City University Malaysia usually has two 16-week long semesters.The first semester usually starts in early March and ends in mid-July, while the second semester starts in late July and ends in early December. The university also has a short semester that runs from mid-December to mid-February.